Michelangelo created masterpieces for the Medici

We’re Masters at Italian Travel



1. <br> Understanding


You’re one click away form us. We’re the people in Italy that you can trust to understand what you want, what you need and your personal concerns. Understanding is getting to know you and will help us capture the essence of you in the places that you will travel to.  We’re not just a website, we’re people that genuinely want to hear from you. Have we got a proposal for you!


Planning a vacation is exhausting. What to see; When to see it; How to have an amazing experience; How to gain special access; Oversee; Troubleshoot; Expect the unexpected; Find a solution. The complexities of planning a well orchestrated travel agenda requires time, expertise, extensive knowledge of locations -what to do and what to avoid- and trusted networks that have taken years to develop.  Your trip is your priority. The details are ours.
3. <br> Personalising


Adding the personal elements to the architectural structure of your vacation is where the art and know how of our team comes into play. They are the gateway to Italian experiences that are off-limits to most. Their access to the Michelin world, prestigious wine personalities, artists, designers and Italian cultural icons is what separates them from the pack and will make your vacation a masterpiece experience.


How do we do it? With precision: Calculating all logistical factors; Remaining on constant contact with all service providers associated with our client’s itineraries from the initial planning stage to the moment of completion and after; Studying, scouting and surveying the material we call “experiences” to ensure safety, delivery of promise and exceptional quality; Using technologies that keep us connected with our clients while they are on the ground, in any location at any time. 
4. <br> Implementing
5. <br> Experiencing


Travel should be pleasant and liberating; an experience to be enjoyed and remembered. We’ve planned your vacation and brought you here. The responsibility rests heavily upon us to make sure that every moment of your time is spent enjoying yourself. You can take comfort in knowing that we won’t abandon you now. We’ll be there in every step you take here in Italy, working behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly. 


  • Le Baccanti is a leading Italian Food & Wine destination travel company
  • We are a devoted staff of English speaking multinationals that live in Italy
  • We have dedicated our professional lives to travel and itinerary development
  • We truly care about your trip
  • We are on the ground and readily available  
  • We ensure 24/7 assistance throughout the life cycle of every planned itinerary
  • We have the most up to date technologies that support our staff and clients.
  • We have earned a high reputation among celebrities, dignitaries, and heads of state
  • Our Grade A partners deliver commendable services in Italian Luxury Travel.
  • Our reputation extends far and wide with in the travel industry
  • We are licensed and insured travel operators 
  • We have been providing optimal service for nearly 20 years in Italy

We live in Italy and know Italy inside out. From the peaks of the Alpine mountains, to the sandy beaches of Puglia, to the cliffs of Cinque Terre and the verdant Tuscan hilltop towns we ensure the best experiences always

We love sharing our passion for fine wine. Whether you are an experienced collector or a novice approaching Italian wine for the first time with us you will bring your wine knowledge to a whole new level

Our food experiences and our hands-on cooking classes are the place to discover (or rediscover) the meaning and pleasure of three of the most simple, yet important, daily activities: cooking and eating and nourishment

Over the years we have personally experienced and selected all of the places you will be visiting. Our friendly art, history and culture experts and attentive suppliers are committed to creating stress-free memorable authentic Italian experiences


Our team is an eclectic mix of highly skilled and truly unique individuals who can’t help but create perfection. We are travel experts living and loving life in Italy. Our professional and cultural backgrounds are rich-We’re Swedish, South African, American, Italian, Spanish, German and British. Collectively we have over 80 years of experience in the  travel industry. Each of our personal strengths supports the Le Baccanti food and wine travel vision. 

Vanessa <br> The Architect


The Architect

In the end It’s all about relations. When I was an agronomist I would spend a lot of time on the field with the farmers and producers I worked with. I loved being with them and literally understanding the wine and food world form the roots. When my first child was born I started structuring tours and experiences for wine and food travelers and founded Le Baccanti Tours with Filippo Bartolotta. Since it has been all about the people I work with: our exceptional team, our gratifying clients and our dependable suppliers. The part I love most? Our annual gathering!"

Filippo <br> The Wine Guy


The Wine Guy

“It’s rewarding to see how Le Baccanti has grown from a few seeds planted in London in the 1990s to a company that has had the honor to host a wine tasting for The Obamas. When I was planning corporate events in London I would frequently counsel colleagues and friends on their upcoming travel to Italy. One day the light bulb went off and I thought there’s a good business to be built on all of this knowledge. I’m glad I listened to myself. Today we are a highly acclaimed Italian Luxury Travel company. Amazing what a few glasses of wine can produce.

Colette <br> The Puzzle


The Puzzle

I get a kick out of organizing things, making decisions and seeing things through from the beginning to the end. A vacation planned to perfection accounts for every piece of the puzzle.

Nina <br> The Pleaser


The Pleaser

“I’m a pleaser. I love helping people and making them happy. One of the highlights of my job is talking to my clients on the phone. Interacting with them on a very personal level gives me insight to plan an experience that even goes beyond my expectations-AND THOSE ARE HIGH!!”

Viviana <br> The Dream Maker


The Dream Maker

“Everyday I have the possibility to meet new people. Initially we are strangers. But after a call or two they begin to share bits about themselves and put their trust in my hands to plan a beautiful experience for them here in Italy. Trust and communication are the foundation of everything beautiful.”

Elena Pontil <br> The Conductor

Elena Pontil

The Conductor

I’m never bored. I don’t understand the concept. There’s so much to do. So many people to meet, so many opportunities to gather together and learn. And when there’s no one around, there’s music.

Chiara <br> The Pilot


The Pilot

“I’m two people. The one that hopes to experience everything in life: To travel, To see new things and understand people. The other to achieve perfection in everything I do. Maybe that’s why they call me the pilot.

Tania <br> The Momma


The Momma

I guess I have a talent for seeing things a little differently than others see them, like details from a distance and how they should fit in their proper place. Not in a controlling sort of way, more like a photographer sees the big picture before taking the shot.

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